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Nettleton 199 Residence Ensures Serenity and Peace of Mind

The Nettleton 199 project partner Greg Truen states the task was to create a building which would give a maximum view of the sea, and to create a garden beside the mountain located near the site. They also wanted minimal exposure to the neighboring buildings. The residence overlooks the Atlantic Ocean to the west, and its design gives prime-most importance to privacy such that it offers least vision to neighboring houses.
A beautiful space for the garden has been set aside, towards the east of this magnificent residence. Interiors are well furnished in accordance with design suggested by studio OKHA. The residence features a spectacular living area decorated with post-modern kind of furniture and expensive carpets. Corners of wall are smooth-edged, and rooms are separated by double thick walls. All elements co-exist here in harmony, says a correspondent of OKHA Interior.

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