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Modern Home Interior by Gregwright at Cape Town

Modern home interior designed by Gregwright architects and located near beach area Camps Bay at Cape Town South Africa. It offers modern architecture style based on its general look. As a start, main areas of the house are made higher and located on the first floor. This gives you the chance to see the beautiful views towards the ocean. On the same manner, the beautiful view can also be seen from every room on that level. Hence, we have provided you with some pictures to make it easier for you to see the special architectural design of Gregwright. Furthermore, this type of house is designed elegant with modern palette with its floors polished concrete. The concrete texture with the combination of stainless steel with the touch of natural grey stone and dark glass, have given the sense of a unique lifestyle within this architectural design. Besides these, the design of the lighting also helps to enrich the surface of the house. In other words, it accumulates the textures and shades within the surface.

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