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Zannos Melathron

The restaurant of Zannos Melathron in Santorini is located in one of the most beautiful spots of the hotel. The view across the island of Santorini accompanies in the best way your familiarization with the culinary surprises of Zannos Melathron cuisine. Traditional Santorinian dishes based in history and culinary culture of the island filled with touches of creativity and originality will make your dinner one of the most authentic and complete culinary experiences that you can enjoy on the island of Santorini.

Using ingredients from the volcanic land of the island, which gives products that grow without water, apart from the moisture that is captured every night in their roots, Santorini’s red tomatoes, white, sweet eggplants, capers and a fragrant array of many products are ‘marrying’ the latest culinary trends, giving dishes that define flavors and served with the best art de la table of the island in an environment full of true romance and luxury.

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