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The Elegant And Modern Apartment Design In Barcelona , Spain – Elegáns Modern Appartman Katalán Környezetben

Borrowing the name of its location, the Gothic Quarter Apartment designed by YLAB Architects is located in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, Spain. Surprising the viewer with an intense usage of contemporary materials and modern furniture items, the interiors of this 130 square meter apartment in the heart of the city were recently renovated. The transformation can be clearly seen in all the details, but there are some elements that maintain the memories of another era. Some key elements were kept, like the traditional Catalan ceilings showing off wooden beams and vaulted arches, and the exterior wooden shutters. Arched openings make the connection between the succession of bright, generous spaces that shape the apartments floor plan.Spaces were reconstructed to offer the young inhabitants private, social and work spaces: starting with the entrance hall and going through the kitchen and living room, the  bedroom suite and bathroom can be reached. Hand-assembled tinted pine wood slats give the ceiling and walls a unique look, while the simple geometry of the furniture integrates perfectly in the new space. Maybe the warm wood finishes is the reason to love these interiors, or maybe its the ivory white concrete floors all I know is all of you will have a good reason to consider this particular apartment located behind Barcelonas City Hall a fabulous living space.

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