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Santa Teresa

Tropical, Design, Ethnic, Chic… The Hotel Santa Teresa is Rio de Janeiro’s newest “Design Concept Hotel”, considered one of the most beautiful hotels in South America.
A historical coffee plantation mansion, located in the most noble area of Santa Teresa – cultural and historical heart of Rio de Janeiro – the boutique hotel was restored with charm and sophistication as an exclusive reference of Brazilian Tropical Design.
More than an extraordinary hotel, the Hotel Santa Teresa offers peace-of-mind and safety to all guests with tropical gardens, panoramic pools, complete Natura SPA, a lounge bar classified as the most romantic in Rio de Janeiro and Térèze Restaurant with Franco-Brazilian gastronomy by Chef Damien Montecer.

The decoration and architecture design of the hotel was inspired by the golden ages of coffee and cocoa, in the search for sophistication and elegance through the use of noble and ecological material from the land and culture of Brazil. Burnt cement, bordeaux or golden slate, red and dark tropical woods, banana tree fiber and other tropical adorning blend with contemporary design by Sergio Rodrigues, Rock Lane, Studio Vitty, Zemog and Oficina de Agosto.

A thematic journey to the lands and roots of ethnic Brazil, the Xingu and Tupi Guarani Indians, Afro-Brazilian traditions and culture, offerings of Maranhão, St. Jorge Ogum, art work from Pernambuco and handicrafts from Piauí, sacred and mystical art from Bahia and the origins of Rio de Janeiro.
The house offers 5 personalized twin bedrooms, each of them having a specific decoration in accordance with 5 different atmospheres. The traveling themes cover America, India, Asia, and even the Old Continent, and therefore will let your imagination carry you there.

With spectacular views of the majestic Corcovado peak, is arranged like a lovely lounge with open access to the swimming pool and the sundeck. Ideal to have a drink or to rest in the shade.

The indoor colorful Living Room invites guests to a comfortably furnished and cozy sitting area, which they can take advantage of by relaxing and prolonging the day in a refined ambiance. The big comfy sofas are perfectly suited for evening confidential conversations, talks, or joyous laughs.

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