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Kube Hotel, Paris

Tucked into a tiny, quiet street at the summit of Paris’ Montmartre is a retro-future hotel that defies the classical clichés of Paris, fitting rather into a Jacques Tati vision of modernity. Kube Hotel combines a resolutely geometric sense of architecture, as its name suggests, with a 1960s sci-fi theme in its furnishings and décor, producing a feast for the eyes and senses. 

Behind a Haussmanian façade, a glowing Plexiglass cube serves as Kube’s reception area, reminiscent of I.M. Pei’s pyramids in the Louvre’s courtyard. A cavernous lobby-cum-restaurant-cum-bar serves as the heart of Kube Hotel, a futuristic, low-lit space with high ceilings, stainless steel accents and a state-of-the-art-sound system camouflaged in red ceiling lanterns. The ultra-trendy “Ice Kube” bar on the mezzanine features Aeero Aarnio’s 1968 Bubble Chairs and a vodka-only drinks menu. 

On the other hand, the 26 guestrooms and 15 suites, arranged around hotel Kube’s open courtyard, provide a counterbalancing warmth, with high colour contrast, faux-fur accents and bean-bag chairs as well as beds lit from beneath, giving a slightly unearthly edge to the warmth. Biometric fingerprint technology controls room access. The overall effect at Kube Hotel is of an oddly comfy space capsule, a fun version of the future.

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