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Kia Ora

Kia Ora is a relaxed, yet luxurious four star beach villa tucked away on a small boulder strewn cove, next door to the famous Camps Bay Beach. Hidden from the crowd, this unique villa is the ultimate destination for the Global traveler seeking privacy and bare-foot luxury. Located in a row of exclusive beach villas, built on the side of a hill and separated from the beach path by a white fence, this lovely villa offers uninterrupted ocean views, scents of the sea and the restful sound of the waves breaking on to the beach below.

The internationally famous owner has used all her artistic skills in creating the essence of sea inspired relaxation, with hints of Zen in the decor. Decorated throughout in pure white and creams, the soft linen bed drapes set off the outstanding deep blue of the Ocean. The brushed white wood style is reminiscent of the Caribbean and Cape Cod villas.

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