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Dream Homes: Paris Apartment by Pascal Grasso

One of the greatest things about Paris is that there’s never a shortage of architectural wonders, from Old World buildings and palatial museums to Gothic cathedrals and manicured parks. But sometimes the ornate building facades lining the cobblestone streets are far from telling of what’s on the inside, like this pristine and modern Paris apartment designed by the architect Pascal Grasso and his team.

Recently completed and located in the heart of the City of Light, this 3,000-square-feet apartment was created for a private client who asked Grasso and his team to add coherence to the space so that the main floor would be connected to a preexisting large terrace.

Grasso rearranged the bedrooms on the first floor to maximize on space for the living room and terrace. The resulting renovation allows for the main living area to open directly on to the terrace.
One of the most striking architectural elements in the apartment includes a series of rectangular plaster structures that are suspended from the ceiling at varying heights. These box-like structures not only add visual intrigue to the apartment, but they also conceal lighting and air conditioning vents.

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