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Contemporary House Design – Calistoga Residence by Strening Architects

This is calistoga residence by Strening Architects. Here is a contemporary house that has properties in various aspects of the more spectacular than 25 acres of buildings. This Calistoga Residence California studio designed by Strening Architect , it is home to some of the Washington DC area. As the name suggests, this contemporary house is located in Calistoga, a town in Napa CountyCaliforniaUnited States. The original house is a series of poorly conceived stucco box with nothing to do with outer space, or a distant landscape. Simple palette of materials, stone, wood cement, and steel used in a way to bring some elegance to the property; reflect the sophisticated vision of the client. The response of our design is to create two different outside ‘loggia’ at the front and back of the house to take advantage of the wine indoor / outdoor living state, and to completely re-imagine the front of the house to allow for a spectacular view of Napa valley to be part from their life experiences.(Via). Let’s see some image about calistoga residence by Strening Architects below:

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