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Casa Jondal

The astonishing Ibiza in Spain was the perfect place to construct the bright Casa Jondal. Occupying 380 square meters, the residence captures the barrier between Spanish rustic style elements of architecture and modern design elements. Two large volumes were adjoined to shape a structure that displays concrete bricks on the outside and ceramic bricks on the inside. The first volume shelters the master bedroom filled with natural light, while the second volume comprises the exceptional guest bedroom. With sliding steel frames at the entrance, Casa Jondal is a home perfectly addapted to its environment and modern necessities. The 485 square meters Mediterranean-style courtyard exploits the outside space as a continuation of the inside space. Fortunately, the Spanish weather allows for a long swimming pool along the main volume to be used to its full potential. Designed by the Catalan architect Jaime Serra from Atlant Del Vent , the Ibiza dream house looks like the perfect residence for an enjoyable lifestyle.

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