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Casa Camper

With the simple ethos that the secret of luxury ‘lies in simplicity’, Casa Camper is very different from most of the hotels that you may have come across in your time. Quirky and unique, Casa Camper has successfully redefined the hotel experience by providing edgy, affordable and design-savvy accommodation with a genuinely ‘green’ friendly approach. Backed by the Spanish-owned footwear manufacturer Camper, the hotel embodies down to earth, understated cool with simply furnished rooms that, in an unusual twist, are split in half on either sides of a hallway. The bedrooms sit on one side facing a quiet backstreet and private lounge rooms are located across the hall for every guest, each with its own hammock, balcony and flat screen TV. This creates a great social atmosphere as guests kindly wander and mingle from one room to the other. The 25 rooms range from either simple standard rooms with minimal furnishings and comfortable touches such as plush towels and bathrobes, to the larger suites with in-room living and work spaces. Casa Camper is a perfect choice for design-conscious travelers looking for a unique design hotel experience in the heart of central Barcelona. Also, don’t miss their sensational in-house restaurant, Dos Palillos, for some of the most exciting and innovative Asian fusion cuisine in Europe.

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