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Born is one of those areas of town that have undergone major transformations in recent years. You know the type of place, every city’s got ‘em – hookers and drug dealers moved along, in favour of chic spots for hipsters. But this is Barcelona – gentrification may have washed on by, but that doesn’t mean shiny chain bars with soulless interiors. Barcelona is a city rich in character; and it’s that character that Karel Schröder’s new bohemian-styled Café Kafka has in abundance.

There’s still a quirky, eclectic vibe to many of the bars in Barcelona’s very own Shoreditch, and Schröder’s chic little spot carries that theme onwards with gusto and panache – the design duo of Yolanda Vilalta and Helena Jaumá upcycling scores of mid-century flavoured delights. And, being located right next to the city’s iconic Mercat del Born – there’s a decidedly exquisite array of mouthwatering morsels to dive into too… think cured Iberian ham, and fish and shellfish chosen daily (razor clams, Galician oysters, lobster and more).

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