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Be-Green Houses in Paris

Roof of photovoltaic panels and thermal hot water system allows the houses of this continuous function of the grid, while green roofs and living walls do their part to preserve the environment while adding organic atmosphere to urban homes. And because learning is the key to enlightenment and, in the long run, changes, this house features a monitoring system that tells people exactly how much energy they use and when, which allows them to adjust consumption.

This eco house design incorporating passive solar technology, and using natural and recycled materials such as hardwood floors with VOC-free finish. This pair of contemporary house plan combines all the essentials into a colorful, bright design. Sustainable eco and sustainable urban architectural design house located in the front line in Batimat show in Paris. Some spaces, such as washing clothes and terrace, designed as a common room, while others are conventional by all accounts – apart from their extraordinary appeal environmentally friendly. Be the aptly named Green House is actually easy to prove that Green, and it can be done in total comfort and style.

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